Students are submitting applications more than ever before, many of these highly selective colleges now receive tens of thousands of undergraduate applications a year and accept only 5% to 10% of their applicant pools.  
Let us help you navigate the confusing and stressful process of college admissions and achieve your educational goals  and make your scholarship dreams a reality.
The College Application Prep Course is THE KEY to ensure your SAT investment pays off.
We've taken the key elements of our highly successful One-on-One College Placement Program to create this course
 (at a fraction of the cost!)!

Our unique team-based approach has helped students all over the world to get in to the most competitive universities in the world with scholarships.

 Take a look at the results of our 2018/2019 students who took this course.
Admitted and Going to College in US/ Cananda/ UK 
US $94,191
Average 4 Year Scholarship recieved by AIM Students
of AIM Students admitted to 1 or more of their TOP 3 College choices
Average rate of return on investment in our program for AIM Parents

Recommended for students interested in applying to US colleges to matriculate in 2019 ,2020 or 2021. 
Spaces are limited and students are accepted on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Don't wait til' its too late...
Athena Pagon, AIM Student
Got into 7 top universities and was awarded over half a million US dollars in scholarships! 

 “I chose AIM because I have family members and friends who passed through AIM and got amazing results!
 Prior to joining AIM, I was unsure of how to navigate the college application process effectively, as well as how to successfully acquire financial aid. 
When applying to competitive Universities, they tend to readily select students from their country over international students. We are at a huge disadvantage. We have to get very competitive grades, write outstanding college essays and we have to stand out. But guess what? that’s what AIM is all about!”
Gaurnett Flowers, AIM Student
"AIM helped me to give my application the polish it needed that allowed me to get into the best liberal arts college in the US :) "
Because of AIM:
1. I’m currently attending a wonderful institution
2. I got the chance to meet alumni through that institution who got me a wonderful internship at Google.
3. I felt added security that my money spent on college advising wouldn't go to waste.

"I’d recommend AIM to other students because it'll help them buckle down and get what they need to get done in the time they need to do it. I've seen people enter AIM midway during the college application when things might seem too late to start and still come out successful, but go to them early! That's the best way that they can maximize your potential and opportunities. ”
What AIM Parents are saying about their investment...
AIM parent Lorna Bond's daughter Amanda will be going to Tulane this fall with a scholarship of over US$ 190,000!
"I wanted nothing but the best for my daughter, a number of people recommended AIM and Amanda also wanted to be a part of their program.  I was initially concerned about the return on investment, but the knowledge that they give cannot be quantified only in monetary terms. 
I was especially impressed by their drive and attention to detail as well as the respect shown to the students.

After Amanda went through the program her test-taking skills and confidence improved. I attribute this to AIM’s amazing college counseling consultations, and focused effort. 

Overall I would say it was totally worth it!"
MEET US $300,000 AIMer, Monique

Malik Gayle's Mom Susan Shares her AIM Experience. 
Her son got into his two top choice colleges and  received over  US$ 90,000 in scholarships/financial aid.
REGISTER your child today and set them on a path to success and greater financial freedom for you and your family
Plus Bonuses
Why Choose AIM?
The best instructors, the most effective strategies, the highest scores
I'm Nicole McLaren Campbell, the founder of AIM. I started AIM because as an alum interviewer for my alma mater, Princeton University, I saw too many talented students with great grades, activities and scores, who worked so hard, fail to get in simply because they didn't quite put together their application in the right ways. These deserving students missed the mark because they didn't now what they didn't know - that the extra polish, 'packaging' and finesse can make the difference between a YES and a NO, between a scholarship or not. 

During my college prep journey I had big dreams and a tiny budget, I had limited support although I attended a fancy boarding school, my college counselor didn't encourage me to AIM high - I had to do that on my own. Though we always emphasize a balance, we relish the opportunity to PUSH students to the highest end of their range! I am so passionate about teaching students how to be successful, to set goals and crush them and to believe in the power of their dreams. 

We look forward to helping you understand the "holistic" admissions process to secure the college education and scholarships your child deserves!
We've toured countless colleges, networked with the people who will read your applications, even worked in admissions offices ourselves!

Together, we've spent thousands of hours and over 20 years learning the College Admissions System and we have put it all together to help YOU unlock the system.

Our team includes experienced tutors, graduates of Ivy league and other competitive US universities and trained college counsellors who work with students one-on-one or in small group in person, and remotely by internet video, including Skype.
Our SAT Prep course is rigorous and results driven.
That’s why AIM is one of the leading SAT Prep providers in the Caribbean, with students in Guyana, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and across Jamaica.
Our expertise will increase your chances of admission and scholarships to the colleges of your choice
With our proven system, you'll:
  •  Understand what colleges look for and how to stand out in the application process
  • Gain Confidence as our instructors create a friendly, safe and interactive environment for learning and personal growth
  • Be Inspired and Motivated beyond taking the SATs, our program helps inspire students to pursue their goals - inside and outside of the classroom
Malik Gayle, 2019 AIMer
" I did not know what the SAT was or how to begin my application to university. I heard a lot of good things about AIM but I was very concerned about the cost but I said “universities cost more” and decided to sign up. They helped me with my entire college prep from SAT tutoring to financial Aid and applications but the thing I liked most is that they cared not only about my SAT grades but improving my overall development. With AIM’s guidance, I got into 2 of top choice schools with financial aid! If you intend to do SATs and the whole college process I recommend AIM because after coming to them I got a good SAT score, easy college application process, and numerous college acceptances, it worked for me.”

Malik got into his top two college choice this year and received over 
US$ 90,000 in scholarships/financial aid
Let's recap what you get:
Sign up now and you can pay in 3 small payments.
Spaces are limited and students are accepted on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. 
Don't wait til' its too late...
Our Students have been admitted to hundreds of different Universities all over the world including:
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